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The over-voltage is the instantaneous rise of the potential difference between the two ends of the conductor, which is much higher than the endurance capacities of the circuits of the electrical devices, which occur in microseconds and milliseconds, which can occur from several factors, internal and external.

This is a kind of tsunami of the electricity.

The reason we resemble the over-tension to the tsunami is that electricity and water show are similar in character.
Both prefer to flow from the easy place they find, both are extremely necessary and when both are excessive, they will lead to disaster.

Well, what are the measures that would prevent us from being damaged when the electricity was excessive or even suffering disasters such as fire?

We can gather the measures in two main topics;

Current measures

Voltage related measures

In many terminologies, and especially in popular language, current and voltage are referred to as the same, and these entities, which are extremely different from each other and are the two basic elements of electricity, are confused.
It is shown that in engineering work and even in presentations, protection is done together for both.

However, the current is the water within a water pipe, and the voltage represents the potential difference required for water to flow from one side to another.

Technically, the current defines the electron density in the cable, and the voltage defines the polarization of the electrons between the two ends of the cable.

When we look at the project preparation directive of electrical domestic facilities, so within the protection schemes according to principles and procedures based on the preparation of an engineer in an electrical installation project, we see surge arresters, shock protectors and over-voltage dampers.

The surge arrester provides especially the over-current transmission in the system by grounding the over-currents in the lightning process within the electrical wiring.

It does not control and limit the voltage at any level.

It is as if lightning strike of lightning arresters could provide safe confrontation with the earth, especially by preventing direct contact with the structure.

Overvoltage damping is to prevent the instantaneous potential difference on the system from occurring on internal or external grounds over acceptable levels.

The product that does this task is the Trimbox.
One of the most frequently asked questions, should we use products such as an LV surge arrester or surge protector in a location with Trimbox?

The answer to the question; In a location with Trimbox, there is no need for an LV surge or surge protector.

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