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Industrial production depends largely on the performance of machines.In order to continue the operation of the machines and systems which are organized according to purposes such as production, packing and stacking, it is necessary to use the electricity efficiently. As a matter of fact, even a small breakdown from the electricity will slow down the work, decrease the performance, will cause one or all of the stages of production to be interrupted.It is possible to prevent this by using necessary equipment.

Electrical Systems in Factories
There are more complex electrical installations in the plants than in other buildings. The installation of these spaces is designed to achieve the highest yields in the shortest time.The networks of manufacturing machines, lighting, personal areas, and dining hall, infirmary, etc. come from different sources.However, most of the energy consumed is optimized with machines and systems. Every machine has an amount of voltage that it needs to be able to operate.In some systems it is possible to measure and adjust this voltage value by the operator.In advanced automation systems, temperature and pressure can be monitored and controlled.However, even with the most optional operators, it is not possible to detect sudden power fluctuations, it is not possible to prevent it without damaging the device.

What Happens When the Voltage Rises?
There may be voltage fluctuations in the electrical installation due to many reasons.
Even if the electric charge accumulates in the cables and in the transformers constitute a risk in itself.Maintaining certain functions of the plant with autonomous systems such as solar, wind energy does not eliminate the high voltage risk.This voltage can create a voltage that can seriously damage the production systems when it enters the circulation.It has even been seen that a large number of fires and damages have come out of simple electrical circuit faults.

How to Protect Factory Machines?
Managing the installation by an automation system can provide serious protection.The sustainability of a plant designed according to International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) standards, which are accepted internationally, will be higher.On the other hand, optimizations of the machines should be done well with the control systems such as installation and operators, sensors, and energy withdrawals below or above the network should be prevented.Along with all this, care must be taken to repair and maintain the equipment.It should also be noted that programming errors also lead to voltage instability.The organization is necessary but not sufficient to prevent electric accidents. Indeed, no matter how well organized the organization is, it is not possible to prevent sudden tensions or to prevent the destruction of external factors such as lightning.Protection systems such as surge arresters and regulators are often known to be sufficient. You can use Trimbox to protect yourself from voltage stability and protect factory machines in complex electrical systems.TRIMBOX Ensures the Safety of the MachinesIn order to maintain continuity in an industrial establishment, to prevent human accidents in order to protect from accidents that will cause loss of life and property, it is necessary to install devices that will provide security without manual intervention.
Trimbox, which can be easily integrated into the plant, protects your equipment by preventing voltage instability in the plant.Unlike standard protection devices such as regulator and surge arrester, Trimbox does not have a single function. It also allows the system to operate smoothly, while grounding the electrical charge caused by external factors such as lightning or due to static electricity in the installation.Even the imbalance caused by a violent load, it reduces the energy to the standard level by preventing in a short time.Trimbox, which has a high-top limit, when this limit is exceeded it function like a fuse.In such cases, it will be automatically deactivated after grounding the energy, prevents damage to installations and equipment.


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