By eliminating excess energy generated during instantaneous voltage boosts, to prevent the installation of the equipment to which it is connected and the circuits of the electronic and electrical devices connected to that installation and the device that provides safety of life and property in order to remove the risk of fire that may occur due to this, by controlling the voltage between phase-to-phase, phase-to-neutral, phase-to-ground technically, which can destroy extremes with a precision of 10 nanoseconds without interrupting the energy and transmitting it to the earth, atmospheric discharge (lightning) between the phase and the ground can prevent the excesses that may come from the ground in such a case, with special chemical substance which can prevent warming and arcing and which can be installed in the cabinet without damaging the cabinet and other items in the cabinet and without having to leave the cabinet safety clearance and which can be used with other materials such as leakage current protection switches low voltage shock protection which prevents voltages above 275 volts in monophasic circuits and 420 volts in triphase circuits in accordance with national and international standards.

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