GND Series

GND Series


Neutral-Earth Stabilizer

GND Series is a model of the Trimbox brand and  is intended to prevent potential electronic devices and electronic cards from being damaged by regulating the potential difference between neutral and ground.When doing this task,  it also prevents display disturbances that are generally considered ground-level interference in the monitors' screens (including projections).


Technical Specifications

With GND2, GND3, GND4, GND5, GND8, GND10 Models, it reduces the neutral-earth voltage in 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/8, 1/10 ratios and in every desired range.


  • System Monophase 220V
  • Protection against neutral-earth voltage
  • Protection against audio parasites (grounded source)
  • Protection against video parasites (grounded source)
  • Protection against the risk of impact in metal enclosures when the grounding is weak or broken
  • Protection against high voltage
  • Protection against voltage peaks
  • Protection against shocks from the ground line
  • As a result of the neutral break, indefectible
  • In the case of neutral-phase interference, indefectible
  • Relief TRIMBOX and CE logos
  • Installation Service
  • 2 Years Unconditional Warranty
  • Fuse-out mounting (up to max. 4 mm grounding cable)
  • Stock Status
  • In the case of ground-phase contact Indefectible


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