• System Three-phase 380V
  • Protection against high voltage
  • Protection against voltage peak
  • LED Indicator
  • Integration with Stray Current Relays (30mA)
  • Integration with Fire Protection Relays (300mA)
  • Protection against shocks from the ground line
  • Does Not Broke As a Result of Neutral Break
  • Does Not Broke in the case of Neutral-Phase interference
  • Relief TRIMBOX and CE logos
  • 1 Year Advanced Warranty
  • Installation Service
  • 2 Years Unconditional Warranty
  • Stock Status
  • Does Not Broke in the case of Earth-Phase contact
  • Product Dimensions: 50x75x60 mm
  • V0 Non-Flammability

♦ The Advanced warranty is a free replacement of the product for 1 year, for 1 time not covered by the warranty of the products.

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