YMOPR1 Mobile Surge Arrester

* Portable with socket; B, C and D class surge arrester capability 
* Ability to protect devices fed from the same phase-neutral-ground line by plugging it into any outlet
* Protection capability without current limit with ease of application (Max. 16A from the socket on it)
* System Monophase 220V
* Protection against high voltage
* Protection against voltage peaks
* LED Indicator
* Integration with Residual Current Relays (30mA)
* Protection against impacts from the ground line
* Unlimited protection by opening the residual current relay in case of Neutral Breakage
* Protection against Neutral-Phase interference
* Lightning protection
* Embossed TRIMBOX and CE logos
* Advanced warranty 1 Year
* Protection in case of ground-phase contact
* V0 Nonflammability
* Protection capability in case of poor or no grounding
* Overvoltage damping capability
* Dimensions: 120x255x122
* Advanced warranty is the free replacement of the Products for 1 year and 1 time outside the scope of warranty.

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