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The first condition of use and conversion of electrical energy is the security.From the simplest light bulbs to gigantic industrial plants, there are internal parts that provide security for all electrical systems.In the same way, it is absolutely necessary to insure and maintain in a place with an electrical installation.On the other hand, we can say that insurance and maintenance costs often reach serious dimensions.But there are ways to prevent it.

How is the Cost of Insurance Determined?
The main issue that determines the cost is the repair and replacement costs of the equipment to be protected.Insurance companies inspect the systems to be insured before the budget and issue a cost list in consultation with the experts.Policy is generated according to these principles.

Also, the worst possibilities should always be considered when calculating insurance costs.
Therefore, the cost of equipment and systems in case of a possible damage is the basis for the cost of insurance.The way to reduce costs is to reduce maintenance and repair costs.One of the biggest causes of damage to electrical installations is sudden voltage changes in the network. By taking precautions against these changes, you can significantly reduce the budget allocated for insurance and provide complete security.

Along with all of these, it is worth noting that network-related problems are not covered by the warranty. Defects caused by lightning strikes or voltage fluctuations in the system are not covered by the warranty of the equipment. So, in such cases it is inevitable to spend on the insurance budget.

How to Reduce Insurance Costs?
A variety of equipment is available to ensure electrical safety.
However, using these equipment may increase insurance costs instead of reducing them.
For example, surge arresters are used to direct lightning energy to the ground.
Although this equipment is thought to block high voltage, they may be at risk of an increase in cost because they do not provide such protection.

Especially where work machines are located, in large-scale workshops and industrial plants it is difficult to provide energy security and this equipment for grounding must be maintained.

In addition, surge arresters have an upper voltage limit and may explode causing damage to the network when this limit is exceeded.When all this is taken into consideration, we can say that using a surge arrester will not prevent the costs alone but increase them. You can safely use Trimbox to provide high security and minimize insurance costs.

Trimbox Provides Insurance Discount
Trimbox, produced by Turkish inventors, is known as the first invention which has the certificate of "certificate of confirmation" awarded by TSE and received this certificate.

Trimbox not only provides security but also reduces insurance costs.
It was found that the cost of insurance decreased by 15% in installations using Trimbox.
Moreover, by using Trimbox, it is also possible to provide no claim bonus in agreement with insurance companies.
For example, the main-board burning is the most common damages in electrical systems and the cost of this damage is expressed in billions of dollars.

Therefore, main-board replacement costs are added to the insurance policy.
However, because Trimbox guarantees to prevent the main-board to burn, it provides a significant avoidance of costs.

How the more potential damages are minimized, the costs also will be reduced.
With Trimbox, it is possible to reduce the damage caused by electricity usage, in particular the insurance costs, to a considerable extent.


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